Installment One Hundred One


All I want to do is ball my eyes out. I called X last Friday because I heard that he found out that I had been seeing Mark, and I heard that he wasn’t too happy. So we talked for an hour and a half. He flipped the fuck out.

He was very cold to me. He told me he could never and would never go out with me. He kept saying “all girls are the fuckin’ same.” He told me he was “all set with the drama” and that it was “time for [me] to move on with [my] life.” He said that he didn’t give a “fuck” about me and Mark and he wished us the best of luck. He kept saying, “this is fuckin’ unbelievable.” And then? He goes, “yeah, whatever. I knew you would pull shit like this. I hope you fuckin’ marry that kid. Fuck it.”

I cried. The entire call. I just cried.


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