Installment One Hundred Eight


Now as much as I like giving people the benefit of the doubt, it’s sometimes difficult when situations arise that … let’s say question people’s integrity … no no question motivations… no… OK so sometimes people do dumb shit. Get this one.

Mark and I (still engaged, wedding is in 8 months!) did a bike run this month and met up with some other friends (all acquaintances of X obviously). So a friend of Mark’s comes up to us and introduces his new girlfriend… (in short, he slept with my friend Jen who then delivered said girlfriend’s baby… HIS baby… AWKWARD).  He looks at me and says, “so did you hear, X is getting married!” I think I threw up … on him… or in my mouth… or throw up was involved in some way. I, in denial, said, “oh… really?!” my voice was cracking for some reason and my eye? twitching. He proceeds (Lord make it stop), “Yeah he knocked some b**** up and now he’s marrying her.”

The throw up was definitely in my mouth, I’m not sure who else noticed but I had an urge to laugh, so I swallowed and did so. Mark goes, “really?” and the guy goes, “yeah, dude. Did you ever think that kid would just get married?” I piped in, “No. Never. Ever.” Mark looks at me and I shoot him a huge pearly white smile, “All I had to do was get preggers? He would have married me? I never knew X was such a stand up kind of guy.” We all laughed. Hard.


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