Installment One Hundred Five


Thrilled that it’s September, aren’t you? Uh, yeah, no. My birthday is in two days!!! OK so maybe I’m the only one that’s over excited about that. Moving forward…

A bunch of us went to Friday’s tonight and as we were leaving, X walks in. Don’t worry because last weekend we were all there, and my friend Nick went outside for a smoke. He comes back in and looks at Mark and goes “we have a problem.” He looks at me, and then back at Mark, “X is outside.” Mark got up and went outside … walked up to X’s truck and X looked at him, and goes “the FUCK is up with you?” Mark turned around and came back inside, clearly knowing that X wasn’t too happy about Mark being with me. Well hardy har har.

Anyway, so tonight, we all go to leave and X HOLDS THE DOOR for us as we are walking out. He was by himself and the bar was empty. I wonder if he saw my car outside…

At this point I’m wasted, and in dire need of a cigarette, so I light up, Mark gets pissed off because I’m freaking out about X and smoking… Laura decides she is going to puke in the grass, and my night was hysterical.

We all calm ourselves down, get in the car and as we pull away, we see X come out and get back into his truck. All within 10 minutes time.


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