Installment One Hundred Nine

01/02/09 (OK so maybe this one is dated)

Today is the day.

I have four journals filled with heartbreak and laughter that are sitting in a box next to me. Today? I will begin telling the world about X. He was such a charming fellow at times – witty, respectable – I feel that the internet world will feel an instant connection with him.

Scratch that. Truth is? I have to get all of this shit out of me. I never got my closure. I slept with X’s friend as a bit of a … hmm… “fuck you” and then I ended up marrying the guy. I mean, what if I never had met Mark? Would I still be seeing X? Would he have still gotten his (now) wife pregnant? That would have been a GRAND conversation. All of this crap has just been sitting inside of me and it’s time that outer space internet realm feel my disdain … or maybe I just think that I’m the only one. You know, sometimes? I feel like I’m the only one.

Like maybe I read into this too much. Either way… blog starts now… preface.


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