Installment One hundred Ten

01/05/09 (maybe these will all have dates…)

Facebook. It’s quite the thing, isn’t it? If your name looks familiar? I’ll add you as a friend, heck, I probably hated you in high school. Better yet, I probably made fun of you and made you cry, but you’re on FACEBOOK! Add friend!

This isn’t me talking. It’s my best impression of all these people who friend request me. Each time I get one, I think, huh, we were never “friends” … these people must be nosy. Oh well, I’ll accept. Why? Because I’m not 17 anymore. I’m 25 – a grown woman. I’m married (and have an album on there to prove it), I have a house, and a life, and gee whiz I am not a loser anymore. This is my time bitches. FRIEND AWAY.

Except today. Today I got a friend request – two actually – from these two girls who were a year ahead of me in elementary school and high school. Both these girls? Know X. Very well. One of them? Married his cousin. As a matter of facticles (my word, leave it), X is the godfather (HA!) of their child. I mean if I died? I would DEFINITELY want X to have custody of my kids… NOT.

To accept or not accept… this becomes even more challenging when you consider the fight that I got into with one of them about X one night. Once you read my entire blogsterpiece, you’ll know exactly who these two, “non-friends ever, but friends on facebook for sure” are. ACCEPT. This? Could get ugly.


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