Installment One Hundred Eleven


I cannot even believe that a girl that knows “X” read my blog. I mean I do post my link so people will read, but like, it’s so coincidental. Evidently she is good friends with X and his wife … this could get really interesting.

I talked to her again yesterday, and she obviously knows that it’s about X, so she just asked me and I was like “I knew that you knew” and she said, “it’s really obvious if you know him.” Yeah, I guess. She seems really concerned about me making this a book. Like REALLY concerned. She should mind her own business.

She actually told me that she loved reading it and that she found it funny especially because she knows X and how he acts. She said she was keeping it to herself … but if I was her? I would have already told my friend… I smell major drama.

Maybe I should make my blog private… maybe I don’t give a shit.


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