The Final Installment

I never wrote back to Mrs. X. Frankly I didn’t think there was anything to say. I mean, I’d be pissed too. For the sake of writing, and since I “can’t shut my mouth,” I will respond to her here.

Mrs. X,

Let me first apologize to you. I’m sorry that you had to read this – it wasn’t meant for your eyes. Contrary to your belief, I didn’t “set out” for you and X to find this. Actually, I couldn’t care less. I made the blog private because I DIDN’T want you to read it – I didn’t want to upset anyone (make sense?). It started as something for my friends to laugh at and it turned into something bigger than I could have ever imagined. Unfortunately this “success” is bittersweet because I evidently made you angry along the way. That wasn’t my intention. I didn’t respond to your E-mail because I really had nothing to say to you.

You should know that I knew that you and X were getting married way before your friends “friended” me on facebook. Yes, Mrs. X, your friends? Friended me. And, newsflash, I’m from Norwood, and went to school with the two friends we had in common. I didn’t even know that you were all still friends until “girl” told me. You’re right, though, I friended his brother – but not to get information – we’re not in high school. X and my husband used to be friends and they have many mutual friends – that’s how I knew everything. I didn’t facebook stalk you. Relax.

In direct response to your email, I know what X and I were … nothing … I was merely rewriting feelings that I had many years ago. Whether you think my feelings were warranted or not? Is really not your call. I wanted girls to know that mind games are intense, but can be overcome. If I didn’t go through all of that shit with X, I would have never met the man of my dreams. It’s all relative. Telling me that your father makes six figures? Isn’t relative.

I don’t care what you think or how you feel about this. You’re right, you don’t know me, and I don’t know you. I never said anything bad about you or your children.You and X have a beautiful family and I’m sure you are living a life that wasn’t meant for me. Deep down? I never thought it was.

For the love of God, my blog is finally complete.


Effie Jacobson



  1. Ro Said:

    she’s a crazy person. don’t really understand why she wrote to you in the first place. insanity.

  2. god Said:

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